Solfeggio Frequencies

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The Solfeggio frequencies come from an ancient musical scale that was thought to be lost
 centuries ago and replaced with the scale that is used today (12 tone equal temperament -
with A=440). 
They are the original sound frequencies used in Ancient Gregorian chants including 
the great hymn to St. John the Baptist.
Many secrets lie within the solfeggio frequencies. They are said to contain within them 
the power of creation and transformation.  

Solfeggio frequencies are believed to have the capacity to effect matter and consciousness. 
Rediscovered and explored through the use of Gematria, esoteric mathematical practices, 
and the book of Numbers in the Bible, these sounds may very well hold the keys to longevity, 
super-consciousness, accelerated healing, dimensional travel, and the fabric of time/space itself.

Solfeggio Harmonics

174 Hz 
This frequency will arrange energy and perception in organized cube symmetries, grooming a stable foundation for the acceleration and evolution of consciousness. Through discrimination, the personality becomes a vehicle for internal harmony as the listener becomes prepared to live a life of joy and purpose. 

285Hz - Quantum Cognition 
This frequency assists in the acceleration and expansion of consciousness in balanced multi dimensional fields of awareness, accessing occilating equillibrium through the law of truth and wisdom. All shadows are illuminated by the light for gentle healing as strength is reestablished. In addition, personal will discovers true expression through reason followed by corrected action.

396Hz -Liberation From Fear 
The Source of wisdom penetrates the mind and heart in this harmonic blend banishing the obstacles to peace . True memory is restored allowing the listener to have access to the treasures of internal knowledge. The influences of strength and equanimity. prepare the way for liberation. 

417Hz - Transmutation 
The revelation of truth allows the listener to release and convert the appearances of difficulty and setbacks, bringing order and inner listening to new heights of personal self-transformation. Internal Guidance is awakened and corrects and orders relationships and communication instilling the expression of clear vision and power. 

528Hz -DNA Repair (Miracle) 
Intuition becomes magnified and directs the quality of reason, uniting the source of wisdom and light through the remembrance of the miracle re-discovered in every moment. The listener is gifted with strength and peace as their purpose is unveiled through the instruments of free will and divine guidance. 

639Hz - Relationship Harmonization 
The complete healing radiant Light descends upon the listener filling the personal mind with the influences of balance, health and tranquility. Mystifying sweeps of the Light on the path of return, embrace spacious counter melodies, igniting the means of approach to the precious internal unification of opposites. 

741Hz - Consciousness Expansion
Clear vision is enabled allowing the opening and multiplication of a mind that self empowered, organized and free. Internal strength is optimized in the listener finding a vast opening to channel purified expressions of love and purpose.

852Hz - Awakening Intuition 
This track establishes strength through joy in the recognition that the listener is connected to the source of all true power. Intuition and emotion are connected, protected and expanded as the Inner Voice becomes clear and strong in the revelation of divine purpose. 

963Hz - Numinous Accord 
The presence of divinity is amplified as the vibrations of the eternal self resonate in this audio track. The balance of strength and peace is instilled in the listener allowing Light and Love to guide the present experience. 

 Frekuensi Suara Solfeggio 
  sering digunakan dalam lagu-lagu  Gregorian. Nada khusus dari doa     (mantra) yang terkandung di dalamnya menyampaikan berkah rohani dan power yang sangat besar ketika dinyanyikan dan didengar. 
Keenam Solfeggio frekuensi telah dianalisis oleh fisikawan dan musisi. Semua setuju bahwa mereka merupakan rangkaian yang saling berhubungan secara matematis yang unik yang berasal dari frekuensi suara elektromagnetik . Mereka tidak berkorelasi secara langsung dengan catatan konvensional dalam skala musik yang dikenal secara umum. Hal ini menyebabkan beberapa anggapan bahwa Frekuensi Solfeggio  berasal dari “Music of the Spheres” dan merupakan dasar dari legenda dari “Lost Chord”. 
Enam Frekuensi Solfeggio  memiliki asosiasi penyembuhan khusus saat mereka berinteraksi dengan energi vibrasi dari tubuh manusia. 
Solfeggio Frekuensi 
  • Frekuensi Solfeggio pertama, 396Hz atau Ut, dapat digunakan dalam situasi di mana Anda perlu untuk menyelesaikan dan membebaskan rasa takut atau bersalah.  

  •  Frekuensi Solfeggio kedua, 417Hz atau Re, dapat digunakan untuk membuat perubahan positif dalam hidup Anda.  

  •  Frekuensi Solfeggio ketiga, 528 Hz atau Mi, dikatakan berasal dari kata Latin miragestorum atau “keajaiban”. Frekuensi telah digunakan oleh ahli genetika untuk memperbaiki DNA yang rusak. Ada pula yang mempercayai ini adalah frekuensi Cinta 

  • Frekuensi Solfeggio keempat, 639 Hz atau Fa, dapat digunakan untuk mengembangkan dan menyembuhkan hubungan.

  • Frekuensi Solfeggio kelima, 741 Hz atau Sol, dapat digunakan pada tingkat psikis untuk mengembangkan intuisi dan indra keenam.

  • Frekuensi Solfeggio keenam, 852 Hz atau La, dapat digunakan untuk memfasilitasi pencerahan spiritual dan peningkatan kecerdasan Spiritual.
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Solfeggio Sound Frequency 
Solfeggio sound frequency  often used in Gregorian song. It contains special tone of prayer (mantra)  therein convey spiritual blessing and the power are  massive when it  sung and heard.   
Sixth Solfeggio frequencies have been analyzed by physicists and musicians. All musicians and physicists are  agree that they are connected  mathematically derived from the frequency of electromagnetic .They do not correlate directly with conventional notes in the musical scale known in general. This led to some contention that the Solfeggio frequencies   come from the "Music of the Spheres" and is the basis of the legend of the "Lost Chord."  
Six Solfeggio Frequencies   have special healing associations as they interact with the vibrational energy of the human body.  
Solfeggio Frequencies 

First of Solfeggio Frequencies, 396Hz or Ut, can be used in situations where you need to finish and release fear or guilt.  

 Second of Solfeggio Frequencies , 417Hz or Re, can be used to make positive changes in your life.  

Third Solfeggio frequencies, 528 Hz or Mi, said to be derived from the Latin word miragestorum or "miracle". The frequency has been used by geneticists to repair damaged DNA. There also believe this is the frequency of Love 

Fourth Solfeggio frequencies, 639 Hz or Fa, can be used to develop and heal relationships.

Fifth Solfeggio frequencies, 741 Hz or Sol, can be used on a psychic level to develop intuition and sixth sense.
Six Solfeggio frequencies, 852 Hz or La, can be used to facilitate and increase spiritual enlightenment spiritual intelligence.

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nal travel, and the fabric of time/space

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