A wizard knows the laws of creation, and how to work with them.
A wizard allows synchronicity to manifest.
A wizard follows three basic principles.
The first principle is that of wholeness. The more rested I am, the more relaxed my mind and body, the more in touch I am with my self, the more free I feel, the easier my soul, the more whole I am. And the more whole I am, the more synchronicity seems to occur. Conversely, when I am out of balance, tired, stressed, frazzled, wrapped up in concern or in some other way off center, synchronicity does not manifest nearly so abundantly.
We cannot make synchronicities happen. It is in their very nature to occur "by coincidence". We cannot control or manipulate the world in order to create synchronicities -- their source is not of this world. Yet we can encourage their appearance; we can open ourselves to them. This we do by opening to ourselves, to our inner wholeness.
A wizard allows inner wholeness to be a priority. A wizard keeps rested, relaxed, centered and clear.
A second characteristic of synchronicities is that they tend to support our needs. They seem to bring us just what we need, at just the right time. It is as if the Universe has my best interests at heart, and arranges for their fulfillment in ways which I could never have dreamt of. It is, to quote a renowned Indian teacher, "the support of nature". We support nature by centering ourselves, and nature supports us back, providing the opportunities to fulfill our needs. This is what makes them so magical and remarkable -- such a coincidence.
To allow the support of nature into our lives we need to follow the second principle of wizardry -- intuition. This can be hard, because it is often difficult to know what is true intuition and what is just "stuff" seeping up from our unconscious. For me, following my intuition means following my feelings, not my thoughts.
It is as if cosmic choreography has already set up the coincidences. They are there waiting for us to discover them. We pick up the possibilities through some subtle mental antenna, and notice them as some vague tickling of our attention -- an intuition.
And there is one more principle I have discovered. I can sit alone in my cottage in the middle of a forest, at peace in myself, centered and whole, and in touch with my intuition, yet here few coincidences occur. Significant coincidences nearly always seem to involve other people in some way. It is as if our interplay with others gives cosmic choreography greater opportunities to reach through to us.
Although we may not be able to make synchronicities happen, we can create environments that foster their occurrence. We can create an inner environment of wholeness and an openness to intention; and in our outer lives we can go and engage ourselves fully in the world, mix with the social field, go out and play. Play whatever game and role best fits our intuitions. Play it with our soul, fully. Play it in whatever way brings us inner wholeness, enjoyment and fulfillment -- there is, after all, no point in suffering while we play.
This is the third principle of wizardry -- a principle I call "zipping and zooming". Playing our part in the world, and allowing cosmic choreography to play its part.
These are the three principles of wizardry: Wholeness, Intuition, and Zipping and Zooming.
And if you need a mnemonic to remember them by, simply take their initial letters, W I Z -- a wizard wizzes.

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